Amarnath Yatra

अमरनाथ मंदिर

Begin Journey with Supreme God Shiva Shiv Dharma

Om Namha Shivaya

Shiv Dharma

SHIV DHARMA Shiv Dharma शिव धर्म Shiv dharma – is Base of soul on five piller in Muladhar (Root) Chakra . 1 Shiv Dharma 2- Arath Wealth Lakshmi 3- Kaam Work Divine Love 4- Mokash Liberation 5- Complete faith On Para Brahma Shiva Sehasrara 1- DHARMA Shiv dharma mean complete Victory this is the hidden seed inside Muladhar Chakra , this is connected with Arath Wealth , with energy of Shivling . Arath , Wealth earn money with positive way .help people in need , devote your 10% income for Shiva dharma . 3- Kaam Divine Love to supreme god para Brahma sadha Shiva Shakti ,who born Humen soul by Shivling . 4- Mokash Liberation- After kundalini awaken reach to in front of Shiva in samadhi Sehsrar Chakra Soul attain complete liberation by Shakti . 5- Supreme God Shiva Shakti Shiv dharma शिव धर्म True is Knowledge great when come by Supreme God Shiva . True Knowledge of Shiva is also great weapon like Brahma Astra Trident which remove blockage negativity from chakra souls . Be activate by Shiva Shakti para Brahma para shakti is only one Shiva shiv+a= Shiva Two in one Purpose of Shiva dharma to introduce good things of Universe of Shiva to all people . Spread Brother hood with divine light of Shiva to all Universe all people . Add more and more people devotee each other add connect them all with Shiva Shakti . Ram was true devotee of Shiva , Krishna was true devotee of Shiva purpose of birth of Krishna to. show light of para Brahma Shiva to world with maya illusion . All granth ved puran or fake if they Did not lead to Shiva . Purpose of Shiva to connect all souls with supreme soul source of true positive energy of para Brahma Shiva only one god . Form less para Shakti of Shiva is Above a’ll cost religion system . All souls born by Shivling , so all souls can worship Shiva . love to Shiva when you eat removers Shiva when you work , work for Shiva dharma. sleep with supreme God Shiva . Your all sorrow all pain vanish , by Shower of Bless by Shiva . All fake guru , panth vanish in blue when power of mahakali shakti of Shiva enter your life .

Be a representative of Shiva Shakti Be warrior of Shiva dharma . Be proud of Shiva Shiva is life line inside chakra kundalini ,creating life rethem , creating music of life OHM source of all voice . Your true strenth ,true religion true power full energy . with out Shiva dead . Guleria sadh Guru



  1. Katas Raj Shiva Temple
  2. Shardha Peeth Temple
  3. AmarNath Temple
  4. Tanot Mata Temple
  5. Dhakeshwari Temple Bangladesh
  6. Shiva Dharma
  7. Convert to Shiv Dharma
  8. Kundalini Mantra
  9. Shivstan
  10. Vaishno Devi Temple

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